Reset #30-Party was fun.

To be the only German on a French CPC-Party is not that weird as I expected, A lot of the French CPC-guys speak English and they use it. So understanding was not that problem at all.

I tested STarKos-Tracker and found some irritating bugs, but Thargan made clear, those are features and he will not code them away 🙂 So I found some nice “hidden” features instead. To participate on the music competition, I used Soundtrakker on which I remembered all of the shortcuts and also how to switch the info-slices on the software. So I made a nice little sound. I expected to get under the top three at the competition and as I was the only one who take part at the competition I surprisingly made the third place. Yay! Better than at the revision 🙂 I’m a happy Kangaroo.

Here is the track as MP3: 


Oh, have I mentioned, that my car broke and had an engine error. So first as I arrived in Coutances I went to the local Ford dealer, and with hands and feet I declared my car broken 🙂 And they checked it and repaired it within 40 minutes. Lucky me. 50 Euros and a “Zündkerze” later everything was well again.

Here are some pictures: 



On my way to Coutances

Since the french CPC people came to Erlangen to visit the CPC-Klassentreffen in 2001, I wanted to show my respect to the french CPC-scene and wanted to visit Coutances to go to the RESET-Party there in June. But it’s a 10 hour trip from Stuttgart / Dettingen an der Erms. And that’s really heard. So good luck for me, that my husband Marcus wants to visit Paris and lucky us: Its Christopher Street Day in Paris on Saturday. Yay \o/

So we go by car tomorrow on Thursday to Paris, I stay one night and continue my trip to Coutances. So it’s now 6 hours to Paris and 4 hours to Coutances. That is not so bad?

Two days before our trip we recognized that we need an emission sticker for our car to go to Paris. Like the “Umweltzone” in Germany. Damn. Only bookable online and needs 4 weeks to get the sticker by snail-mail. Luckily a copy of the invoice also helps to show the inspectors that we have paid our environment fees 🙂 If not it will be a fine between 65 Euros up to 400 Euros. Seems to depend how old your car is and how bad your CO2 emission is 🙂 My Ford Tourneo is a year and a half old now and no diesel driven engine 🙂 So everything seems perfect.

Sticker on Brainblaster’s CTM644

I will take Nilquaders CPC with me to Coutances. He also wanted to visit the RESET-Party but he never made it. It’s a nice mixture of things I take with me. Targhan is willing to show me how his STarKos-Tracker works, so I take my MegaFlash NG and the MegaFlash DP with me. Nilquader’s CPC, Brainblaster’s CTM644, Thriller’s and Marabu’s Floppy Discs. That’s funny. I also need to take a multiple power-outlet with me, cause our socket is a little different to the french one. Crazy things you need to think about before traveling 1000 Kilometers.

I am the only German who registers at the party. One Serbian and guess what: a lot of French people. But I am sure it will be a nice event. Hopefully some of the CPCists speak English, cause “Je ne parle pas un mot de français”. 😀 And if the don’t like me or don’t understand me, I can grab my Soundtrakker 128K and the tunes I found on some floppy disks and do nice music for the next Revision-Party. Now that Nectarine Radio is dead – I start making tracked music again? Stupid me. If I can take some pictures of the trip to France I will post them here.


Mr. Beam II arrived

Yes! After a very very long time (November 2016) yesterday my Mr Beam II laser cutter arrived. I pledged this thing on Kickstarter.  But: I have no time to unpack this thing. Damn. At the Weekend there is the European Song Contest, so I need to cheer to Belarus’ music entry 🙂 Whatever. I hope to unpack the Mr. Beam II soon and start my first steps into laser cutting.

First thing I will cut: my name. Second: Amstrad CPC 464 keyboard case 😀

Back from the VCFe

OK, its some days ago, that I arrived back from the Vintage Computer Festival Europe. It was really impressive. The location was at the Leibniz Data Center In Garmin, Garching near Munich. The Hotel König Ludwig the 2nd was great. 4 stars. Nice rooms! The party was “so lala” cause we were kicked off at 18:30 in the evening. Normally the party goes until 02:00 am but due to security reason we must leave the data center way too soon.

Mr. Ams showed me how to solder a CPC-Keyboard to USB-Adapter and I was so happy about that. My soldering station Nilquader told me to buy was well used and it was quite fun. Mr. Ams and myself had some ice cream later on Saturday in front of the hotel.

Now I need to unpack all the stuff I brought back from Garching. And as my Mr. Beam II arrived yesterday I also will be able to build a nice casing for the Amstrad CPC keyboard. hopefully.

Everything “new” again

I wanted to start today with my small Arduino project but realized, that i only can activate my computer’s operating system while being connected to my company’s active directory and domain. Damn Windows 10 Enterprise 🙂 So i just started over again installing Windows 10 Pro. And I also set up my Arduino IDE. At the beginning I had some troubles connecting the NodeMCU board as i didn’t knew, that there must be separate board-settings loaded to the Arduino IDE. But the internet helped my very well with this blogpost. And I installed the settings and also already tested them with my board. works very well.

Setting up a new computer for my hobby

I have a nice but small workspace in my living room. It comes with a docking station for my surface, so my husband can also use the monitor, keyboard, mouse and headsets for home office use or support issues. So we connect our Microsoft Surfaces to that and everything is good. Also I run my CTC-3D-printer software on it, the Arduino IDE and other software I do not use for work but for private issues. Sometimes it happens, that I want to work on some nice projects but my husband is using the docking station and as I get older and older I really need a big monitor, a good mouse and a nice keyboard instead of the stuff the Surface comes with 🙂

So today I decided to get that old HP ProDesk 490 G2 MT from the cellar and throw it under my small little table, grab an old Fujitsu TFT-Display connect this ugly Microsoft Mouse and that horrible Microsoft ergonomic keyboard to put all together and install some nice Windows 10 to use this machine for my private hobbyish things to do.

The Hewlett Packard ProDesk 490 comes with 32 GB of RAM and a i7-4790 8-core-CPU running at 3.60 GHz, so that might be enough for my private things. Horrible what kind of hardware is sitting somewhere in the cellar in my house for years, waiting to be found and used again..

My desk at home. Surface, Docking-Station and the new “old” i7-System for my private Stuff.

So I’ve set it up and it hast Windows Server 2012 R2 on it and also Hyper V with two Containers. It was kind of a test-machine earlier I think and just got forgotten as my company moved from Dettingen to Reutlingen. Not bad for me now 🙂 I will install Windows 10 on it, but also Hyper V to run some containers with Linux or other OS for experimenting a bit. It has an internal 1 TB WD-SATA-Drive. I will upgrade this later to an SSD I think. But for now I am good with the system.

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Roland Radio Radio

I showed Octoate my little 3D-printed Roland, the mascot of Roland Radio ( and that i have had the idea to integrate a little Web-radio-Player into this guy. Octoate told me, that there is a project with not that many hardware needed to realise a streaming web-radio without any harm.

So today i asked him about the items and the sites he showed me at Revision 2018. I collect those information here and try to build this streaming radio to integrate it into my 3D-printed Roland. And that’s what Octoate told me:

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The Nectarine Scenemusic Radio Meeting at Revision

I like the photo. But i don’t get all the names. I have a really bad name to face and face to name memory 🙂 So i am sorry, i only can name three persons in this picture. Maybe someone can help me out with some names? Put it in the comments, so i have learned those names until next year!

From left to right: #1 Dont know, #2 Starchaser i think, #3 Kangaroo MusiQue, #4 Octoate, #5 i forgot her name, #6 Dingens, #7 some guy from the Netherlands, #8 Thexder, #9 Fan with beer, #10 is this maep behind him?, #11 have no clue but remember the name of the Wodka 🙂

Update: Thexder sent me a message on Nectarine and gave me a list of the peoples names.

From left to right:
#1 Prowler
#2 Starchaser
#3 Kangaroo MusiQue
#4 Octoate
#5 Killerspoon
#6 Nosferatu
#7 Phlubby_Gnome
#8 Thexder
#9 Epso
#10 maep
#11 DJ Joge

I’ll learn those until Revision 2019. I promise!