Just a new Blog from Kangaroo MusiQue

I’ve had a blog years ago and blogged all day long, started very early and stopped in 2015, deleted all stuff and that was it. Now, a few years later i thought about blogging again, Mainly to divide my private blog from my artistic work i do as Kangaroo MusiQue. So that’s the main reason why i start blogging again. The other reason is: there are people who are interested in the music i do. And for those and for my own pleasure i want to start to archive those nice little bleeps and blops i am doing on the Amstrad CPC, the funny stuff i do with my Apple MacBook and all the other things around me. So maybe it is getting boring, but i hope it will not. We will see and so this is my first blog entry right after Revision 2018. I will blog mainly in English, also i know my English is not as good as i could be. But that will be improved by time writing English i think. We will also see if this happens. So: welcome to my new blog. If you like to follow use the RSS-feeds or the notification list.

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