Really nice favicon-generator

If you want to do some favicons for all plattforms and get sourcecode and images done at ease, you shall give

a try. It’s incredible easy. For all browser, all platforms and your favourite technology.

I used it for a small project i am working on and was stunned how easy it was to generate all kind of icons from one source with adding som enice options to the image itself.

Mr. Beam II arrived

Yes! After a very very long time (November 2016) yesterday my Mr Beam II laser cutter arrived. I pledged this thing on Kickstarter.  But: I have no time to unpack this thing. Damn. At the Weekend there is the European Song Contest, so I need to cheer to Belarus’ music entry 🙂 Whatever. I hope to unpack the Mr. Beam II soon and start my first steps into laser cutting.

First thing I will cut: my name. Second: Amstrad CPC 464 keyboard case 😀

Everything “new” again

I wanted to start today with my small Arduino project but realized, that i only can activate my computer’s operating system while being connected to my company’s active directory and domain. Damn Windows 10 Enterprise 🙂 So i just started over again installing Windows 10 Pro. And I also set up my Arduino IDE. At the beginning I had some troubles connecting the NodeMCU board as i didn’t knew, that there must be separate board-settings loaded to the Arduino IDE. But the internet helped my very well with this blogpost. And I installed the settings and also already tested them with my board. works very well.

The Nectarine Scenemusic Radio Meeting at Revision

I like the photo. But i don’t get all the names. I have a really bad name to face and face to name memory 🙂 So i am sorry, i only can name three persons in this picture. Maybe someone can help me out with some names? Put it in the comments, so i have learned those names until next year!

From left to right: #1 Dont know, #2 Starchaser i think, #3 Kangaroo MusiQue, #4 Octoate, #5 i forgot her name, #6 Dingens, #7 some guy from the Netherlands, #8 Thexder, #9 Fan with beer, #10 is this maep behind him?, #11 have no clue but remember the name of the Wodka 🙂

Update: Thexder sent me a message on Nectarine and gave me a list of the peoples names.

From left to right:
#1 Prowler
#2 Starchaser
#3 Kangaroo MusiQue
#4 Octoate
#5 Killerspoon
#6 Nosferatu
#7 Phlubby_Gnome
#8 Thexder
#9 Epso
#10 maep
#11 DJ Joge

I’ll learn those until Revision 2019. I promise!

Just a new Blog from Kangaroo MusiQue

I’ve had a blog years ago and blogged all day long, started very early and stopped in 2015, deleted all stuff and that was it. Now, a few years later i thought about blogging again, Mainly to divide my private blog from my artistic work i do as Kangaroo MusiQue. So that’s the main reason why i start blogging again. The other reason is: there are people who are interested in the music i do. And for those and for my own pleasure i want to start to archive those nice little bleeps and blops i am doing on the Amstrad CPC, the funny stuff i do with my Apple MacBook and all the other things around me. So maybe it is getting boring, but i hope it will not. We will see and so this is my first blog entry right after Revision 2018. I will blog mainly in English, also i know my English is not as good as i could be. But that will be improved by time writing English i think. We will also see if this happens. So: welcome to my new blog. If you like to follow use the RSS-feeds or the notification list.