The Nectarine Scenemusic Radio Meeting at Revision

I like the photo. But i don’t get all the names. I have a really bad name to face and face to name memory 🙂 So i am sorry, i only can name three persons in this picture. Maybe someone can help me out with some names? Put it in the comments, so i have learned those names until next year!

From left to right: #1 Dont know, #2 Starchaser i think, #3 Kangaroo MusiQue, #4 Octoate, #5 i forgot her name, #6 Dingens, #7 some guy from the Netherlands, #8 Thexder, #9 Fan with beer, #10 is this maep behind him?, #11 have no clue but remember the name of the Wodka 🙂

Update: Thexder sent me a message on Nectarine and gave me a list of the peoples names.

From left to right:
#1 Prowler
#2 Starchaser
#3 Kangaroo MusiQue
#4 Octoate
#5 Killerspoon
#6 Nosferatu
#7 Phlubby_Gnome
#8 Thexder
#9 Epso
#10 maep
#11 DJ Joge

I’ll learn those until Revision 2019. I promise!

My Paintover-Failure at Revision 2018

I participated at the Paintover Competition at Revision 2018, but they rejected my entry, so it was not shown to the audience. Sad. So Sad 🙂 OK, maybe my painting-skillz are too bad at all. And yes, it was my very first try. I don’t paint. But: i’ve tried.

The aim of the Paintover Competition is: you’ll get a chaotic image and you need to use your imagination to get some objects on it. Then you sketch them and paint your image in four steps. Maybe i was not accepted because i missed to add my tools i used, as they requested as a must. I didn’t read the rules completely and so i just didn’t added my Tools, which was my iPad and ProCreate, a nice little Painting-App. But i think its my drawing-style what got me rejected from the competition. You decide:

Maybe it also was because i added Text. Who knows. The quality, the missing listing of my used tools or the Text. I will try again next year.

My entry for the Streaming Music Competition at Revision 2018

Jesus died for us to party

Der letzte Mensch von Ludwig Ferdinand Schnorr von Carolsfeld

It’s the fifth time that i am participating at the streaming music competition at Revision Easter-Party. Most of the entries are kind of Dance, Techno or other kind of “umz umz umz”-music. I prefer to do something other. This year I submitted a song called “Jesus died for us to party” which was inspired by a discussion about Jesus and God i had with cosowi / Plush last year. The song was played first and reached the 8th place.

Altogether 27 pieces were submitted, so that my result is not so bad. Unfortunately it was also this year that the big screen only reached the 7th place and so my name was again not on the wall 🙂

Here is the YouTube video of the Revision Streaming Music Competition 2018

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