My Paintover-Failure at Revision 2018

I participated at the Paintover Competition at Revision 2018, but they rejected my entry, so it was not shown to the audience. Sad. So Sad 🙂 OK, maybe my painting-skillz are too bad at all. And yes, it was my very first try. I don’t paint. But: i’ve tried.

The aim of the Paintover Competition is: you’ll get a chaotic image and you need to use your imagination to get some objects on it. Then you sketch them and paint your image in four steps. Maybe i was not accepted because i missed to add my tools i used, as they requested as a must. I didn’t read the rules completely and so i just didn’t added my Tools, which was my iPad and ProCreate, a nice little Painting-App. But i think its my drawing-style what got me rejected from the competition. You decide:

Maybe it also was because i added Text. Who knows. The quality, the missing listing of my used tools or the Text. I will try again next year.

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