My entry for the Streaming Music Competition at Revision 2018

Jesus died for us to party

Der letzte Mensch von Ludwig Ferdinand Schnorr von Carolsfeld

It’s the fifth time that i am participating at the streaming music competition at Revision Easter-Party. Most of the entries are kind of Dance, Techno or other kind of “umz umz umz”-music. I prefer to do something other. This year I submitted a song called “Jesus died for us to party” which was inspired by a discussion about Jesus and God i had with cosowi / Plush last year. The song was played first and reached the 8th place.

Altogether 27 pieces were submitted, so that my result is not so bad. Unfortunately it was also this year that the big screen only reached the 7th place and so my name was again not on the wall 🙂

Here is the YouTube video of the Revision Streaming Music Competition 2018

So the whole thing was a nice success, under the circumstances that the lyrics and theme of the song were a bit more special after all. At the end of the contribution you can also hear one or the other “Hä? What?” exclamation in the audience. But all in all I’m pretty happy with the result 🙂

You can download the song directly from

The Lyrics

For those of you who don’t understand the lyrics so well, here are the lyrics again:

Jesus he died for us to party
He died for us to have fun
Jesus he died for us to party
The Easter-Party just begun.

He was the first member at Xing
But still has no profile at LinkedIn
>> Interferences, Ring-Tone <<
What? Oh come on! What?!

Hi Kanga, you can’t do that
That’s blasphemy and profanity at once
They’re gonna hate you… and us.

Profanity, Blasphemy
Hypocritically, Bigotry
All kinds of sexuality
May be found here at
Easter Party

Shader-coding, hugs for free
Liberty, no british tea
It’s all about humanity
Enjoy your life at
Easter Party

Enjoy your life
Easter Party
Easter Party

If you don’t know where to pee
Just take the tunnel. Destiny
And after that
Coffee for free
At Easter Party

Amiga, Amstrad CPC
Commodore and Atari
And systems you have never seen
That’s demoscene
Easter Party

Jesus died for us to party
Jesus died for us to party
Enjoy your life at
Easter Party

Jesus died for us to party
Easter Party

Jesus loves the CPC
He is a great 3 inch DJ

God invented Amiga
But i have no Workbench-Disc to run
He did the Atari
But without a TOS-Disc there’s no fun
He created the Amstrad
And everything works as i expect
God does love the Amstrad
A system he still does not regret

What about you? What about me?
I do believe in Easter Party
The demoscene God is a good God for me
So shout out loud:
Easter Party

This is for all of the CPC-scene
Octoate, the frenchies and BSC
The greek Amstrad geeks are still a bit weird
But God is greek
So that’s good for me


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