Roland Radio Radio

I showed Octoate my little 3D-printed Roland, the mascot of Roland Radio ( and that i have had the idea to integrate a little Web-radio-Player into this guy. Octoate told me, that there is a project with not that many hardware needed to realise a streaming web-radio without any harm.

So today i asked him about the items and the sites he showed me at Revision 2018. I collect those information here and try to build this streaming radio to integrate it into my 3D-printed Roland. And that’s what Octoate told me:

So i’ve ordered all the parts today and after they arrived here at my home, i will continue with building a web-radio-player. Octoate promised to help me on this and i am very sure i will require his help. I will arrange all following articles about this web-radio in a series of articles, so the project should be well documented and easy to follow. And remember: i am a totally newbie to this 🙂

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